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Ottawa Review

Turd Ferguson

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So the suicide girls were hot, Baz was ok, I didnt really know any of his songs but hs was funny as hell. On the other side of the Ottawa river is the french side which is called Hull, well people up front were yelling hull sucks, and Baz yells " Well I did a gig there like 15 years ago, I dont know anything about it" then the guy down front says something else and Baz Yells" Fuck Hull " amid cheers and boos from the french and english people lol it was awsome. Baz also brough out the trailer park boys and bubbles did a song.

Axl and co took the stage around 11:30, set list was pretty much the same,


It's so Easy

Mr Brownstone


Live and let die


you could be mine


I used to love her


november rain

out to get me



my michell





Paradise city

The sound was awsome the show was awsome I didnt see anyone afterwards who wasnt like that was fucking awsome. It was a sold out show, however there were sections that were roped off IE behind the stage. I was right on the far side beside the stage so I could see everything on stage and backstage which was cool. Axl looked like he has a cold cause he kept blowing his nose all the time back there.

He didnt say too much except that he loves trailer park boys and that was a great product from Canada. Thanked BAz for introducing him to the show. He made a few comments but otherwise was silent.

However after they saying good night for the final encore and the lights were on he went around the stage and picked up all the shit people had thrown on stage and threw it back. talked to some peeps up front. Then before walking backstage grabbed the mike again and said, be good to each other and drive home safe, and thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for coming and we hope to see you all again sometime.

it was a nice touch, everyone loved the show , it was awsome, to watch the clips on youtube, doesnt even compare to being there.

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