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The Panic Channel

the tourist

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I like it a lot. I am a huge Slash fan and a huge Dave Navarro fan equally. I think the Panic Channel debut is far better than Velvet Revolvers. (similar types of music.) There are some hints of Janes Addiction on it as well (the drumming on Three Days comes to Mind). Speaking of Janes Addiction---when Perry left the 3 remaning members Dave, Stephen, and Eric made a brilliant album titled Deconstruction. The singing is not that hot (Dave and Eric share duties) but the songs are on par with anything Janes has ever done. I thought I would mention that since I have never heard anyone talk of this album. I wish they made another before calling it quits. Anyway back to Panic Channel--IMHO there are 3 or 4 songs alone that blow away the whole VR debut. Very strong tracks are numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 which is my favorite and the closest to anything Janes did.

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