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eBay ticket touts in U.S


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It's weird reading about the shows in the U.S not selling out.

Haven't you got the eBay ticket touts in the U.S who buy all the tickets at pre-sale before the real fans can get them, then put the on eBay at 4-5 times their face value?.

That's the way it's done in th U.K which pretty much guarantees anyone sells their shows out.

Because of the ticket touts on eBay, I had to pay £185 for 2 tickets to the Hammersmith Apollo show, £110 for 2 tickets to the first Wembley show and I was stupid enough to spend £320 on 2 V.I.P tickets to the 2nd Wembley show.

On one occasion, I dialled from the minute tickets went on pre-sale constantly for 2 hours without getting through once.

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The hottest tickets for any U.S. show was in May for the Hammerstein. The pre-sale gave the fans on the boards the opportunity to get the tickets first, and I think it worked pretty well. Plus I think there was a limit of only 4 (?) tix. to purchase per person.

After that, not even the scalpers were interested in buying the tickets to sell on e-bay. There wasn't much of a demand, and people selling them on e-bay were doing so at a loss just to unload them.

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