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Carrie Underwood AMA medley performance.


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Pretty cool video of her performing at the AMA's the other night.

Can someone tell me when she wen't from pretty on American Idol to smoking hot. Is it just me or is she gorgeous.



O, also feel free to discuss all of her work. I'm not really a big country fan but she is obviously very talented.

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I always thought she was hot. Couldn't understand all the people(mostly women) saying she had no stage presence.

As far as I'm concerned, if a chick singer is HOT, she has stage presence. Is this wrong? :huh::D

Nothing wrong with that. Its not like she's hiding in the back with no spotlight. No stage presence? I don't get that.

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Alright, her legs in that AMA performance are more than worth reviving this thread for. I wasn't able to check it out until now for various reasons, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! :wub:rock4

For some nice windblowing, short skirt and more legs action, here's the actual vid which gets great at the end: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbvZlfTulYc

Damn, those nice, but naughty farmer's daughters do it for me every time. Never thought I'd say this, but move the hell over Ellie May, there's a new vamp in town and that Louisville Slugger is drivin' me CRAZY!! rock3:D

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