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Saint John Review


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November 21st 2006 Saint John New Brunswick. Since GNR were comeing so close to my home (for once) I didn't have to travel to Toronto or Quebec to see them....even though I would of, I saw them them the night before in Halifax from front row which was truly amazing. First off I was driving in the car and all the local radio stations were promoting the show and on one station they played the entire AFD album in order uncensored so I thought that was a great way to get pumped for this show. I skipped the opening two acts which were Die Manequin and Suicide Girls because I had seen them the night before and didn't realy want to see them again, my seat was to the left of the stage front row and there was this huge ass speaker in my way of viewing most of the stage so I left my seat and walked around the building till I found a good spot. Then watched the Trews which were pretty good as they were the night before, and since most in the arena knew who they were they got a good ovation and some sing alongs which was nice to see from an opening act. I still would of like to see Sebastin Bach opening up. The Trews finished at 11 and GNR hit the stage at around 11:45 with the place going nuts I'm not going to go threw the review song by song, I'll just post the set and tell you all the things that were interesting.

Axl was in high spirits singing his ass off, his voice sounded awesome with only a couple times getting the high pitched sound, mainly during pardise city and nightrain when he was saying goodnight was when it was noticeable. The band played there hearts out and personaly I like Franks attitude alot more exciting then Brains, Brain is one hell of a drummer but Frank in between songs wants everyone chanting GNR and cheering there asses off, I haven't seen Brain realy try to interact with the fans in any previous show I've seen 4 years ago or I've seen on bootleg. The previous night in Halifax they had the Trailer Park Boys come out and sing Liqour and Whores, which most people who aren't from the maritimes wouldn't realy know, but this night Axl started singing it when they were bringing out the piano for Dizzy and the whole band started playing it and they played the entire song. Axl then said that was unplanned and he was trying to kill a few seconds until the piano came out and they ended up playing the hole song. Which is Ironic because Axl said in Halifax that they were going start playing the song elsewhere and have to pay royalties to the Trailer Park Boys for using it. During the ending solos of Paradise City Bumblefoot walked the floor letting everyone in the front row stroke the guitar which was kinda cool, I couldn't realy hear any shitty sounding riffs so I imagine they turned his guitar either off or way down so it wouldn't be heard. The only down side of the show was that it was only about 70% full at show time and when Bumblefoot played his solo a few people got up and left, then after Nightrain and the band left the stage the place got realy empty, only the floor and the seats closest to the stage were still packed with a few scattered seats full in the rest of the arena which was a real shame because they came out and played both Chinese Democracy and Madagascar before Paradise City, they ended up playing all 5 new tunes which was nice, would of loved to of heard Down On The Farm but that was ok, I had two great nights of GNR, who could ask for more.....besides meeting the band. The only problem I had with either night was the show going over so late. And this isn't a diss to Axl because once the stage was ready to go the band came out about ten minutes after the roadies were done putting shit together so I have no beef with Axl and how long it takes him to come on stage cause he was realy fast. I just think they should cut out an opening act and come on at 11. That's the only thing I would of changed because I believe the people were leaving early because A) they had worked all day and were tired and they had to get up for work in a few hours B)public transit was closing so they had to get out so they wouldn't have to walk home or pay ridicoulous amounts for a cab. They definetly wearnt leaving because the show sucked. All I can say is go see GNR you won't be dissapointed.


Welcome To The Jungle,

It's So Easy,

Mr. Brownstone,

Live And Let Die,

Knockin' On Heaven's Door,


Robin Guitar Solo / Jam,

Sweet Child O' Mine,

You Could Be Mine,

Liquor And Whores (without the Trailer Park Boys)

Dizzy Piano Solo,

The Blues,

Richard & Robin Guitar Duet (Beautiful),

Out Ta Get Me,

November Rain,


Ron Guitar Solo (Don't Cry),

My Michelle,




Chinese Democracy,


Paradise City

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Show was great...not amazing or anything, but great.

It was definetly worth losing some sleep over.

I agree with the past review that suggested an earlier start time. The music would be much more appreciated earlier in the evening, especially when it comes to all the solos.

All three guitarist rocked, but the solos were long at 2 in the morning.

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