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Becoming a Mod


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I was just curious, i would like to be able to be a Mod, but i am not sure who i should ask. I want to become a mod simply because im on the forum all the time and i would like to help take care of simple stuff that needs to be done(moving threads, deleting useless threads.). i doubt i will be given this opportunity, but i was hopeful anyway.

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I heard that 75% of the money from supporters goes to pay the mods salaries. They get paid by commission for every thread they delete and member they unfairly warn. Madison must be a millionaire!

thats why I aint a suporter

I really do wanna help this comunity anyway I can but its against my belives to support a dictatorship

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Seriously though, we try to choose people who come to the forum on a regular basis, are loyal to the forum, have above-average knowledge of GNR, get along with most members, start threads, have no problem following forum rules, respect other people's points of view - and most importantly of all - support the band.

They also have to be open-minded about promoting free-speech, but not afraid to speak out if a member breaks forum rules.

We avoid people who have multiple screen-names/personalities on the forum or who have trouble following forum rules or who diss the forum on other sites. I think those are the main criteria.


Hope that helps :)


Leigh-Rok! i belive thats the quote you was on about

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if you let me be a moderator; I'll teach other less fortunate children to read, I'll promote world peace and stop poverty. Honest!

lols I'd like to be a mod too ;P But I don't think anyone would take me seriously cos of my age lool. Well I'm an admin and mods on other forums so meh<3

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