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halifax review

Mansin Humanity

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this is a review by someone on the AC/DC Message Board

Guns'N'roses November 20th @006

Halifax Metrocenter, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I went to the concert at around 7:30, after I finished my pizza. When I got into the metro center

My seats were right beside me. Soon after the lighs dimmed down and Die Maniquin came on. I thought they

were the Suicide Girls but they weren't. Ayway the drummer was very talented and could play pretty quickly.

While they were playing on the floor there was a few people, that is when I went and bought my T-shirt I had

to pay for my brothers too so I couldn't by a flag. We got back to our seats as Die Maniquien was ending, and

the Suicide Girls were backstage and the last one ran up the ramp without a shirt on.

Then they started, I wasn't realy expecting it so I wasn't that happy that they were there.

They would take off there shirts and dance for a few minutes and then run backstage and change everything,

so I was able to see them completely naked hehe! Finally they were done, it took forever for them to finish

and I just wanted GNR to come out.

Next it took 30 minutes to set up for the next band, who I thought were going to be GNR. But really

it was the Trews, so I was pretty happy. They did an incredible job everything sounded right and they had a

pretty good stage show. There guitarist is really good to. They were better then the Pink Floyd

Cover band I saw last year.

Then it was time for Axl Rose's version of Guns'N'Roses. It took an hour to set up for this part of

the concert and it worked out well as Axl showed up right about the same time as the stage was set up.

My brother and dad went to the bathroom and they wanted me to come but I old them that I didn't want to miss

anything. Turns out that while they were in the bathroom the lights went out and just as they were walking

up the stairs to our seats Robin Finck appeared out of no where and so started the opening riffs of

Welcome to the Jungle. It was an incredible song on eof the best songs during the show. When Axl appeared

and the spot light shawn on him I was shaking. Next was It's so easy really good song but not one of the

best. Ten came Mr.Brownstone an average song still my second favorite though, then live and let die I

didn't really care for this song. Then the worst song IMO Knockin' on heavens door, I don't know if it

is a new version or if Axl forgot the words. Then was Robin's guitar solo, this proved a lot to me

it proved that Robin is greater then or equal to Slash.

Then was the best song of the night Sweet Child O'Mine, this song incredible and changed my

mind about it. Better was next I love this song it is the main reason I will buy Chinese Democracy, it

was followed up by You Could Be Mine I have always like this song, it wasn't one of the best but it was a

solid song. Then Dizzy had a Piano solo he did Angie by the Rolling Stones, this guy is crazy on the piano.

The blues was next this song will be better when I here it more on Chi Dem,I don't really understand why

they didn't play november rain at this point it would've saved time rather then putting the piano back under

the drums then pulliing it back out after the next song. Either way Richard Fortus got his solo in next

this guy is unbelievable he is the best guitarist in the band and he is plaing rythm guitar. Then Robun walked out

and those two did another solo beutiful I believe. Then Out ta get me I really like ths song now after the concert.

Then November Rain I was waiting for this song all night and it didn't disapoint it was a great song. Then

Rocket Queen I have the same thoughts about this song as Out ta get me.

Then Axl called out his good friends the trailor park boys straigth from the Trailer Park in alifax,

really they are from Halifax. Then bubbles sang a song they wrote called Liquor and Whores. As they left Richard

told Axl Something and Axl said "oh ya thanks for reminding me". So they did My Michelle disapointingly there was no Sebastein Bach as he is in New Yourk doing a movie or something doing a movie with the Gilmore Girls. Then was

Patience another good tune. The Ron was able to get his Guitar solo in he did Oh Canada and Don't Cry this guy is

also good. Then was the last song of the night Night Train my favorite song and it was really good. Then the band came

back on stage and did Madagascar and Paradise City.

Something I noticed in this concert: There was a lot of people singing including me and many people just sat

down and looke lost during the three songs that have yet to be released. The Trailor Park Boys brang a lot of humor to

the concert as Bubbles knocked the microphone over with his head while he was singing. One thing I was surprised about was

that Axl never messed up unless it wasn't a new version of Knockin' on Heavens Door.

again, not by me.

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