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Part Two

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It makes me sad to remember you,

Like I now do

It Brings me down as far as we can go,

To now know

It was something worth letting go

this was something worth letting go

was it worth letting go

I always wanted you to be strong

I hate to look at the man in the mirror

why did you need to be that strong,

to let go

did you keep it inside all along

just waiting and wanting to go

all invitations fake and based on lies

loving you made your heart wither and die

and if there was a tear that I could cry to show you

it would be the only tear I could ever give

the next I don't want to see,

no I've got no need to know

Now I fear the past,

with all the secrets that you had

I fear I see the truth,

and how this has been too many years of work for you

You can only hate what you love, isn't it what they say

I will let you go, to your lies, to the beds you stole

Bereft this will lies a heart, out of control

I can’t forgive and forget

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