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Dread Zeppelin - yes, DREAD Zeppelin, not Led Zeppelin!

Estranged Reality

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Anyone heard any of this band?

Dig this: they're a reggae band that extensively covers Led Zeppelin songs, and their lead singer is an Elvis impersonator (yes, he sings like Elvis).

If you're into that type of thing, it's a real kick in the nuts! (In a good way.)

Their versions of Stairway to Heaven and Baba O'Riley make me weep with joy.

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Guest knerken

Classic Rock magazine a few months ago included a Led Zeppelin-tribute CD with their version of Kashmir on it. Really cool actually :D

I've got that cd in my hands right now...

Listening to it now myself.

Not a bad tribute-disc actually. A lot better than many other tributealbums I've heard .

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