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My extensive review!


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After a long ass car ride (driving from Grand Rapids to Detroit is no picnic even if it is with people you like) we arrive at The Palace. My dad recently had surgery so we got to park in the awesome handicap space at the entrance. Go in, by a t-shirt, friend buys a poster. We get into our seats (114, row F) at about 9:10. The SG's were prancing around doing their lame little routine. There was a dude as old as my grandpa sitting a few chairs down from us. He was staring at them with the creepiest grin on his face which did not change for the entirety of their act*shudder* There was also a couple was wasted dudes dancing and going crazy lol.

So at about 9:40 Bach comes on, his backing band was great, especially the bald guitarist. Their drummer--when Bach introduced him he sounded like he was calling him Wallabee--but we all know how unintelligible Bach can be : P Anyway, "Wallabee" did a kick ass drum solo. Bach was totally on, very energetic and his voice sounded great. The new shit he sang sucked but everyone went crazy when he sang Youth Gone Wild, 18 to Life, etc. It was an overall enjoyable set. Oh yeah the highlight:

Bach: "This next song, you may have heard it on my myspace page....oh, god....did I really just say that? You may have heard it on my myspace page....god."

Bwhahaha, it was like at that moment everything became clear in Bach's mind. He realized how close to rock bottom career wise he has fallen. Normally he just embaresses himself without a second thought, but not this time hee hee.

Bach leaves at about 10:50. The roadies get everything set up for Guns by about 11:10. My friend and I amuse ourselves by crowd scanning. Across the arena There is a sea of people wearing gnr shirts, but the was one guy in the very middle of the section wearing a t-shirt with the Batman logo. Some guy was being an ass in GA so security tackled him, got the cops in and threw him out. Everyone cheered : D Next, came the main downer of the night. These two creepy guys who sat next to us, Jeff and Jeff. They kept talking to us the whole time before the show, I felt bad at first because I was disgusted at them for no reason, bad vibes y' know? When WTTJ started they kept shoving us. The fat Jeff knocked my friend over her seat into the next row, and as he "helped" her up he atempted to pickpocket her and, well, generally just be a disgusting pig fuck. She elbowed the fuck and switched places with my dad. Unfortunately, we didn't learn of these events until after the show. The music was so loud, everything was dark, chaotic, etc. When my dad sat next to them they eased back but skinny Jeff kept being a dick and would occaisionly twack his hat during the show. We told security everything that had happened after the show but it was obviously too late. GAAAH FUCKING CUNT FACED MOTHER FUCKERS ALMOST RUINED THE FUCKING NIGHT!!!!!!

Now that I've got that out of my system, other than the Jeff and Jeff encounter, we had an AMAZING night.

Guns came on at about 11:35, so the wait was not to terrible. The arena was about 75 per cent full if I could venture to guess. Like I said, WTTJ was almost ruined but like always it was intense. They soared through It's so Easy, Mr. Brownstone, etc. Axl and the band had so much energy, it was insane! My dad even WOOOed once, and he is a very reserved guy heheh. Bach and Axl were great together on My Michelle. Wat is all the bitching about the solos? I agree, they could get rid of maybe one and replace it with a song, but for the most part they were a great opportunity to sit down after going so crazy and just listen. Robin's solo before SCOM was the best!!!

Here's a general breakdown of how things went:

AXL: His voice was on for the most part, it would occaisionally regress to helium mode. But otherwise he was amazing, truly one of the greatest frontmen evah. Just great charisma. He was very relaxed and was all over the stage. Rant highlights: "People complain that I'm late but this is like morning for me, I am your Captain Kangaroo my dear friends." :) and towards the end after the bow, in a completly calm voice, "Be safe, it was great seeing you guys, drive safely---except for this motherfucking cunt dickhead asshole who should be beaten up in the parking lot and thrown in jail. Good night!" (refering to asshole who threw shit at him) HIGHPOINTS: NR, PC, KOHD, Maddy--eh almost everything. LOWPOINTS: Better, Nighttrain (I was just tired during that song for some reason) Overall 5 out of 5 stars

THE BAND: HOLY SHIT MR DIZZWALD FUCKING REED WAS AMAZING!! I don't think anything more needs to be said :) Robin nailed everything, his solo was the best one of the night in my opinion. He played in the crowd as did Ron. Fortus did not seem very energetic though and Tommy as well. But Frank was great at getting everyone pumped, starting chants, etc. And of course Chris Pitman=gnr and all that. They all had great chemistry overall and gelled perfectly as a band.

So it was a great night, one of the best experiences of my short life. I got home at 4:30 am, collapsed on my bed in full concert attire conviced I was the happiest person alive.


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Agreed, I could not have asked for a better concert (well I guess if they would have played there was a time and rocket queen i could have died right there)

Highlight- NR, PC, LaLD

Best New Song- Better, with IRS coming in at a very close second. I kept thinking to myself that "oh this song will probably be weak" but Axl really put some passionate vocals into that sucker

Lowlight- Keep in mind that every part was amazing, but I have to choose one thing. Barring the solos, i'm going to have to say KOHD. Please don't lynch me. I just kinda think that song is quite bloated as it is, and without any cool reggae parts to mix it up a little, just seemed sorta weak compared to everything else. However, the "who knows, North Korea might be giving us the big fuck-you right now, this could be your last shot" was hilarious

Sleeper Hit- Out Ta Get me. I was really really pleasantly surprised at the intensity this song was played with

Random comments- I really think each of these new songs are spectacular, just feels like a missed opportunity because the crowd doesn't know them except for a few downloading motherfuckers way in front. I believe I was the only one in my section rocking out to the new ones. For some reason, i think Madagascar might not "sit well" with the typical GNR fans. They want their hard rock n roll, not a deep introspective song about cultural barriers. I'm not sure CD and Maddy should have been the encores, IMO encores should be classics that everyone loves. Once the album is released I could see it happening, but meh. Amazing Amazing show. If anyone could compile all of the Axl quotes that would be great, or if anyone recorded it with good quality, please be a pal and share :)

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