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Koji Kondo

Estranged Reality

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This is still the greatest game soundtrack ever, and a few years ago Kondo redid highlights of the soundtrack with a full orchestra. Lon Lon Ranch is absolutely beautiful.

It's out of print I believe, but some copies can be found on P2P clients and such. The artist is Koji Kondo and the Hyrule Symphony.

Great stuff.

The original game version (which was all electronic) is very cool too, gave the game so much atmosphere.

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He he, that game was like the chinese democracy of games, people used to tease me and say, "Its never gona come out!". I remember seein screenshots of it when i was 11 and it didnt come out till i was 16 lol. 5 years, at least it wasnt as long a wait as chinese democracy. Great game though, i dont really play games anymore, but i have fond memories of playin that one.

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