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Tonight has been cancelled


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The Guns N' Roses concert scheduled for Milwaukee's Bradley Center tonight has been cancelled due to illness. Guns N' Roses front man Axl Rose is suffering from an ear infection and strep throat. Rose was first diagnosed with the ear infection on the 20th of November in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was seen again by a doctor last night following the band's show in Chicago and ordered to rest for a few days. The tour will continue as scheduled Friday night in Ames, Iowa at Hilton Coliseum.

Axl Rose commented, "We had a great show in Chicago tonight and had hoped to do a surprise acoustic show afterwards. I have been fighting this off for a long time but the doctor told me tonight that the only way not to jeopardise the balance of the tour is immediate rest. We will now have 3 days off before continuing Friday. We are sorry to miss the fans in Milwaukee."

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Hey man I had tickets to that show too! Im not pissed at Axl. I was at Chicago and it was plain that he was suffering that night. He has been sick a while now!! You can only push yourself so far!! Richard also looked a little under the weather! Your getting your money back, so don't worry! Damn people don't you ever call in sick?????

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Because axl rocked alpine in 91 is still mad about this and s/he's hoping that GN'R, or "he", probably referring to Axl, will come back and do Alpine Valley sometime soon.

that is correct.ive seen alot of shows at alpine but nobody and i mean nobody ripped alpine they way gnr did and i think to this day axl could still rip it up.but i will say if the fans of gnr in wisconsin would have bought more tickets last november the show would have went on.axl said he had a ear infection but come on he did do chicago like the next night and iowa like 3 days later i think.so im not mad at axl im pissed that the so called fans didnt go out and support axl and gnr.im glade this thread was still open as i took me along time to join this fourm.

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