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?DV Converter ?


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Are there any free dv converter programs ??

Need to convert some vids to NTSC from PAL!

I've got a great program for burning DVD'S, menus etc.-" Pinnacle",

but the vids are in PAL, and they can't work with them!!

Info appreciated!!!

BTW: Checked on "freewarefiles.com" didn't find any free ones!

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:) Thought you might want to know, I found

a "great" program, that not only CONVERTS

but allows you to burn your dvd, using menu's +

other little perks!! AND when you install

the software, it asks right up front what your

format for dvd burning needs to be!!

I dld it free to try(with watermark) burned some

of my KROQ vids, testing quality! BEAUTIFUL, and

those vids are the lowest quality I have!!

Played it on my oldest dvd player, worked like a charm!!

~~www.vso-software.fr~~ $ 47.00 bucks USD

Called " ConvertXto DVD" :lol:

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