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G3 - my blabbering (kinda) review


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Oh I don't know why I'm writing this, but whatever...just feel like telling everyone how awesome it was.

I saw G3 in Brisbane last night and it was so amazing. It was John Petrucci, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. I had a killer headache before I went which kinda spoiled the whole thing, seeing a 3hr concert like that isn't too good for a headache : P

First Petrucci went on, with Mike Portnoy and they were playing stuff off his new solo album (which I had heard nothing of), and they rocked! Mike is one hell of a drummer, and as always Petrucci can play great. He was really amazing, and as I'm a big DT fan I was really psyched to be seeing him. He looked and played awesome the whole night.

Then after him Steve Vai came on. man I was just blown away by him. He was so amazing! Best of all 3 of them on the night. He just oozed coolness. He just walked on stage, no huge entrance or anything, but he didn't need it. He stood up front of stage in a crazy coloured shirt and he had a little fan that was blowing his hair up in the air while he played :P he was a really great showman and I couldn't keep my eyes off him the whole night. I have never heard a guitar scream like that, it was brilliant, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Last (and least I must say) was Joe Satriani. I know this guy is good, but by this time I had the worst headache ever, and was feeling pretty sick. Although I realize he was good, I just couldn't concentrate on him, which is a shame. He really didn't do anything for me though and his performance dragged on a bit :( but maybe that was just for me. I'm sure his fans dug it.

Then they all went on stage! and played one of the best Voodoo Child I have heard in a while. Satriani was singing it, and they all got to play some kickass solo's in the song...but during the middle it wasn't too clear they were playing Voodoo Child anymore :P. Then they played some song I've never heard before, with Vai singing. He was singing something about his guitar killing someones mother :unsure: , whatever it was it rocked : P. I cant remember what song they played after, but all I remember is it was awesome.

All in all the concert was fuckin' amazing. Steve Vai and Petrucci are the kings of cool. Especially Vai. who I was surprised, Vai made Petrucci's playing seem like "pointless shredding", he was that good. Fuck, so good. It was such a brilliant concert, and I don't really know why I'm writing this or if anybody at all is interested, but I don't really care :P I just had to share with you all :xmasssanta:

Thanks guys!

ps. damn you board and too many emoticons...

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