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Eagles Of Death Metal Lash Out (Again)


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DATE: Nov. 30, 2006


Eagles of Death Metal lash out at Guns N' Roses

Jesse Hughes tells Axl Rose to 'go fuck himself' after tour shun

Eagles Of Death Metal band leader Jesse "The Devil" Hughes has vented his anger at Axl Rose, saying the singer is "fucking out of his mind" after his band were thrown off Guns n' Roses' US tour.

The band were reportedly "let go" after getting a hostile reception from the audience at a recent gig.

However speaking to NME.COM, Hughes said he was "shocked" by Rose's reaction when he branded them "The Pigeons Of Shit Metal", and then sacked them from stage during a recent gig at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena.

"Axl Rose is fucking out of his mind," raged Hughes. "He wasn't even there when we played. He got there about 30 minutes after we got done playing. He waltzed on to the stage and went nuts.

"He had a couple of fans thrown out for pissing him off. Then when he called us The Pigeons Of Shit Metal, Tommy Stinson, their bass player took his bass off and goes: 'Fuck you, that's it'. And then he threw his bass down. But then Axl picked up his bass and fucking threw it at him dude. It was a fucking circus up there."

Despite reports claiming that his band were thrown off the tour for the poor reception they received, Hughes said by the end of the show EODM managed to win the fans over.

"When we first walked out there the crowd were jeering but it was because we weren't Axl Rose," he admitted. "These kids had been waiting there since seven o'clock for the second coming of Christ and Axl wasn't there yet. So a bunch of happy go lucky sincere and real deal rock and rollers came out and started playing. The jeers only went on for a little bit. By the end of the set we'd won those fuckers over."

Despite throwing his band off tour, Hughes claims that his tour manager then received a call later that night from Rose's management apologising for the singer's actions and he asked them to return for the remaining dates of Guns n' Roses' three-week tour.

"By the end of the night that guy [Rose]had caused a giant uproar," said Hughes. "It was like a total mutiny on the part of his band and everyone. I could hear screaming in the dressing room, 'Those are our friends and you've insulted our friends'. Then at 4am in the morning our tour manager gets a phone call which essentially amounted to: 'Axl's thought about it, he thought you guys were a band getting shoved on his tour from the label. He's really sorry and you're more than welcome to finish the tour'.

"When my manager told me that, I just said, 'You can tell that motherfucker to go and fuck himself because I will never go through that again'."

Meanwhile, Hughes confirmed that his band will be returning for a three-month tour of Europe in 2007, including UK dates.

He also said that Queens Of The Stone frontman Josh Homme will return for part of the jaunt.

"I know there's gonna be some surprise shows," he admitted. "Its probably gonna be 50-50 with Josh I think. But like I always say the only way I'm gonna get out his shadow is if he ain't standing in my sun. We're gonna finish our tour in England because that's where the heart is."


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And more reaction:

DATE: Nov. 30, 2006

SOURCE: RollingStone.com

Updated Smoking Section: Axl vs. Eagles of Death Metal

The Smoking Section is all too aware that our column, on stands now, features an item wherein Eagles of Death Metal’s frontman Jesse Hughes talks about how stoked he is that his band will be opening dates on Guns N’ Roses current tour. But, alas, how were we to know that on opening night Axl would hop onstage, refer to his opening act as the “Pigeons of Shit Metal,” and fire them on the spot? Are we not but mere mortals? If you prick us, do we not bleed? After the jump, read the inside scoop on what happened behind the scenes according to Hughes– and his theory as to why Axl flew off the handle (again).

Although he boasts friends on G N’ R’s crew and in the band — who welcomed him onto the tour with open arms — Hughes began noticing bizarre behavior upon arriving at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena last Friday. “Every employee had a face on like a Stepford Wife,” he told us last night from the San Fernando Valley studio where he’s currently laying down vocal tracks with Josh Homme for a new Queens of the Stone Age album. According to Hughes, when the Suicide Girls got onstage to open the show, the audience (“not a single kid there could have been alive when Appetite came out”) started throwing things at the Girls. “That was odd,” says Hughes. “We’re at a rock show and people are throwing things at hot, naked chicks! What the hell?” He add that when he and the Eagles hit the stage, they were met with some minor jeering, but it died down quickly.

Hughes — who claims that Axl arrived at the arena after the Eagles’ set had ended — tells us he was stoked to watch G N’ R from the side of the stage. Then out of nowhere, Hughes says, “[Axl] called us the Pigeons of Shit Metal and said, ‘You gotta feel sorry for them fellas because this is their last night on tour.’ I just started laughing. [G N’ R bassist] Tommy Stinson threw down his bass and walked off the stage. It was one of the most bizarre scenarios I’ve ever seen.”

Hughes has a few theories. “What seems to happen is, when he goes off his meds, you’re not Paxil Rose anymore, you’re Waxil Rose.” He also tells the S.S. about a conversation he had with Sebastian Bach, who has become a close confidante of Rose over the past few months. This is, we believe, the root of the drama: “I saw Sebastian Bach twenty minutes before we went onstage,” Hughes says. “And I accidentally called him Savage Animal.” Those who watched the VH1 reality series, Supergroup (with Ted Nugent and Scott Ian) may remember that Savage Animal was the band name Bach proposed for the group, for which Bach was subsequently (and mercilessly) teased. “When I said it to him, it was a casual burn, but I didn’t mean it in a bad way at all,” Hughes hedges. “I was trying to be like, ‘Savage Animal! I backin’ you, bro!’ But I guess it didn’t come off that way, because I couldn’t possibly have meant it.” Ergo, we suspect that Bach may have conveyed a less-than-glowing report to Axl about the Eagles.

The band quit the G N’ R tour the following day, and Hughes reports that he’s currently in a San Fernando Valley studio with Josh Homme recording some vocals for the next Queens of the Stone Age album. He also says he got some consolatory words of wisdom from Dave Grohl — Nirvana had an altercation with Axl at the VMA’s years ago. “Dave said, ‘Disappointment from Axl is like being knighted.’”

-- Austin Scaggs


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