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Little comeback to the troll


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Hey, was about to reply to that pretty scathing last post by GnRisdead when the topic got locked.... thought this needed to be said just to dispel anything which he said

Yes I would say that the band now is a MAJOR step down from 2002. Buckethead was amazing to watch and his guitar playing skills far surpass even slash (can he write who knows).

2002 was a stupid set up though....Bucket should have been the lead on EVERY song...this sharing solo crap was just retarded.....even today listening to these new members BUTCHER solos (November rain is pathetic).

At least Buckethead was interesting to watch....and bad ass in his guitar playing.

Bumblefoot looks like a car mechanic...and his solos are HORRIBLE....wow your guitar has bumble bee wings...thats cool...NOT....

And this other character who goes from shaved head to looking like jesus...so borring.

The ONLY chance this band has of gaining any REAL credibility is to RELEASE AN ALBUM...and PLAY NEW SONGS in concert. I'm sorry I have ZERO interest in seeing Axl rose play My Michele, out to get me, etc etc...in concert now. These are crappy songs that never made the set in the 90's....

Where is The new stuff

Where is Estranged, don't cry, civil war, rocket queen, perfect crime, coma,

Please the current set list is pathetic...and the album release delays doubling pathetic...and most pathetic is this loser chumpstar who wants to stalk AXL outside his hotel....like if you show him "respect" he is going to care who you are.....

I would say that the band was a step up from 2002 in every way.

I agree that 2002 was a bit short of fantastic, the band was ramshackled together and did not feel tight or gel in any way. Buckethead was fantastic on the fretboard, however he alienated the fans of the bad ass rock n roll outfit which the old band were. You had Finck who looked like a lesbian goth, stinson wearing fishnet tights and Axl looking more like a pimp than a badass rock n roll star with a whiny, breathless voice.

Bumblefoot is a very talented guy, he's extremely creative and doubtless a virtuoso, he can play Chopin's fantasie on guitar for fucks sake, and Chopin was definitely a virtuoso. He brought back Don't Cry and he has great stage presence and charisma, putting visible effort in and not just standing still like Buckethead. And at concerts you have fans chanting for the foot guitar, it's a gorgeous piece of engineering and will be sorely missed onstage!

This band has a lot of credibility as a live act outside the trendy kids and Kerrang! magazine. A lot of people I know who aren't Die hard Guns fans came back from the gigs saying they were fantastic. The new band won over a lot of fans on a successful european tour.

If they played more new stuff you'd complain when the album came out that there were too few songs that you had never heard before.

Estranged isn't likely to be played unfortunately, I don't know why. Don't Cry is being played every night, you might not like the version which is being plazyed but you cannot deny that it's that song

If Robin hadn't changed his look then you'd be complaining about it anyways so what's the fucking point. he looks like a rockstar now anyways. Rocket Queen's on the setlist most nights, Perfect Crime and Civil War are scheduled to redebut soon, Perect Crime has already been played at soundchecks. And Coma is similar to Estranged, except even on the Illusion tour it wasn't played very much.

The current setilst is based on what fans want to hear when they go to a Guns N Roses gig, not what fans sitting behind their computers want because they're sick of getting what they heard about the night before. OTGM and My Michelle are great live songs from a great album. But you wouldn't know because you're too biased to give it a try.

Oh and November Rain is far from pathetic, Fortus and Thal both improve on the solos vastly, Robin's ;eaves a lot to be desired so i guess you could call that butchering, however i've seen Slash fuck it up waay more than Finck did on youtube before. It's an emotional highlight and the fans fucking love it.

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