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helmet opening for guns n roses all 3 la shows


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Lucky fuckers! Helmet is a cool band. I'm sure alot of people will drone on about how bad they suck, well, just get there late. Nobody's holding a gun to your head and making you watch them :)

well, i mean... they are opening for the greatest band to ever exist, afterall... i think that's sorta like comparing the taste of fresh dog shit to merlot.

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This news made my day...screwed up my plans for tonight, but good new nevertheless.

I just put 3 helmet albums on my ipod and have been rocking them all week, thinking, why haven't I seen these guys? and it just falls in my lap!

Thanks to the lazer, I got $20 tickets and am going to see my first Helmet and GNR show. Good thing, no way in hell I was paying upwards of $60 for the ego trip known as A(sshole)xl.

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