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Soundgarden - Superunknown

Estranged Reality

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A lot of people in that thread had said they'd never heard of Superunknown but were interested in buying it after reading responses from people who were praising it (including myself). I was just wondering if any of these people have heard it yet, and what general thoughts are on the album by users here?

It's an album with almost no filler in my opinion. Kickstand is the only one that I tend to skip.

Music video: The Day I Tried to Live


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As I said in the original poll.. Its one of my favourite albums of all time.

Spoonman and Mailman. Fucking genius!

I love Cornell's vocals. He's simply amazing.

Every track on that album is killer.

I recommend checking out the two tracks I mention to anyone who'd never heard of it! :)


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I can't seem to get into Soundgarden, no matter how hard and often I try... Dunno why.

why try? if u like somethin naturally u like it, why the effort??? guess some stuffs grows on u.

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Y'know, I still think Badmotorfinger is the better album, just because it has that rawness and anger of a younger band who are still really hungry.

But Superunknown is the result of a more confident band who were at the absolute peak of their powers. The track listing is perfect, every song just flows brilliantly and there is no filler. The production of the album is also much better than Badmotorfinger.

Cornell's voice and song writing is sublime. Limo Wreck has lyrics that are thought provoking and a vocal performance that will leave you stunned. But that's just one example, he shines on every track - from the soft whispers of Fell on Black Days to the high powered screams of Let Me Drown.

And I think Matt Cameron also deserves real credit. Not only one of the very best rock drummers of all time (listen to his tempo changes in Like Suicide) but he was the major creative force behind the music of my three favourite tracks (Mailman, Limo Wreck & Fresh Tendrils).

Soundgarden were easily the greatest band of the 90's, imo.

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