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American Pie- Don McLean


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I put this album on the turntable last night, and just listened to it for about 3 hours till I fell asleep.

It's insane how excellent all the songs are, but especially the title track of course.

I'm breathless... It's actually scary how fantastic this song is. What an absolute masterpiece.

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I have to agree here. Overplayed and worn out though the song may be, I got way more into it when I sat down with my guitar teacher and he explained to me exactly what every line of the song meant. It's a really brilliant microchasm of the 60s. I also never knew that Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon the same weekend as Jimi, Janis, The Who, Santana, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and a few other kind of ok bands played a little music festival in Woodstock, New York (until I learned what that part of the song meant).

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