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Silverchair - Frogstomp


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Thought id make a thread for this good album. easily the best Silverchair album, and it still amazes me how young they were when they recorded it, about 16 if i remember rightly. It gets pretty damn heavy in a lot of parts too. Not the most uplifting album i admit (take Suicidal Dream for an example :P) but it rocks hard and is a solid album. great Australian band.....at least they were, Daniel Johns is a bit of a queer nowadays to be honest <_< would probably be the getting over depression and stuff i guess...but it made for an interesting album :)

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Yeah,they recorded Frogstomp when they were 14..it's pretty good and came out before Nirvana died..they were a kind of new hope for grunge and rock but the band changed their style after the Freakshow album.

Daniel Johns had problems with Anorexia and the band fade out,at least on the US market.

Their best album in my opinion is Diorama,it's a masterpiece to be honest and can be compared with The Beatles.

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