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who originally did Down On the Farm?


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Yeah, a lot of people just don't bother to read the liner notes.

For that matter I've got a ton of CD's I don't think I ever read the booklet for.

I too have many CDs whose liner notes I've never read. But if I had a question about a song on one those CDs, the first thing I would do (after Wikipedia) would be to check the liner notes. Unless I didn't have the liner notes because I'd downloaded the CD off the internet or burned it from a friend.

So, it is at least very likely that he is a downloading motherfucker.

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He couldnt have possibly lost the liner notes, or maybe he let one of his friends borrow the cd so he doesnt have it right now so he couldnt check. No of course that couldnt happen he must have downloaded it :rolleyes:

Though we cannot be certain that he downloaded the song, it is, I think, very likely. The possibilities you mention, though indeed possible, are less likely than the alternative.


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If I'm sitting at the computer it's certainly easier to find out online then go dig up the case and read the booklet. (With that said, fucking google it). Also, why do people (flabby) assume just because someone read it once means they remember everything in it?

And for anyone to say you're not a real GN'R fan if you don't read the linear notes is just being ridiculous. :rolleyes:

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had he downloaded it legally (off the new napster, or itunes, or other similar service), would he still heve been a downloading motherfucker?

because he still would have downloaded it, so the downloading part would be right, but if he shelled out the 12$ or so for the mp3s, would that negate him having sex with his mom? i'd say so.

and i can relate to where he's coming from. i usually just thorw the liner notes on the side of my desk. then i accidently spill coffee on them and throw them away.

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