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Kiss vs. The Rolling Stones



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Alright, Lets get this over with,

The Stones Vs. Kiss

Lets start at the facts....

Kiss has under it's belt:

A literal string of platinum albums

The Hottest Selling concert tickets

The greatest live album possibly ever

The most loyal fan base next to gnr fans

Broken Down boundary after boundary in the metal genre

Have Amazing spectacular live shows beyond your imagination

An amazingly succesful reunion under thier belt

Rock honors, with some of the biggest names in rock honoring them

The Stones Have Rolling with them:

The Worlds first idea for a real concert tv special(the rock and roll circus)

Some of the greatest albums of all time

One of the greatest guitar duo's ever

An extremely loyal fanbase

Serious survivors of the british invasion

A recently successful album

Had a recent superbowl halftime performance

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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I think that while the stones are better as a team, kiss is better musicians

Lets face it, if you matched up Gene Simmons with Mick Jagger, your gonna have egos roughly the same size

band member wise, Kiss has been able to settle thier differences for different reunions, the stones haven't

live, kiss is better, you can't argue that,

while kiss dosen't have the impact in studio, they certainly have a more impressive legacy:make up, capitalism, 4 solo albums at once,

Musically, the stones made the same mistake of disco kiss made

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Bucketslash, you've lost it. KISS better musicians? Not even close!

Richards - one of the greatest guitar players of all time

Watts- one of (if not THE) greatest drummers of all time

Daryl Jones - a truly underrated bassist

Chuck Lavell - SICK keyboard man

The Horns Section - Better musicians than KISS can even be worthy of listening to

The stones may not have the greatest pyrotechnics and lights, but in the end I go to shows for music and authenticity. KISS have NO authenticity. Gene Simmons has even said that when he and Paul retire, KISS will continue as a SHOW. I'll give you that KISS is a great show, but it's no longer an authentic band to me. When a founding member decides that a band can continue with absolutely no remnants of its original lineup left, that shows that they're no longer in it for music. It's for MONEY. At least the Stones do a good job of making it seem like they enjoy music and performing even if it is just for money.

The Stones are the kings. KISS have nothing that is in the same building as Get Your YaYas Out, Sticky Fingers, Beggar's Banquet, Exile on Main Street......

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Perhaps I am the only one who finds this poll rather insulting...

KISS was all about style. They were iconic for their image, not their music.

I do like their music and have always thought Simmons was underrated, but they're nothing compared to the Stones. They have good party/rock anthem music - nothing else.

Plus, it's hard to feel sympathy for Simmons knowing how many chicks he claims to have slept with. I believe his last estimate was over 4,000.

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I don't like the question "which one is better", 'cos we're talking about different bands both of which have a great contribution to music in general.

I'd rather say that I personally prefer The Rolling Stones.

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Kiss is fun party Rock N Roll and their live music is great fun when you are in the mood for fluff Rock ,but IMO The Stones are just in a different leauge musically. The Stones are masters at what they do and what they do is music and they have music for every emotion in the human soup of life.

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