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The Review From The Right Side Of The Stage

The Bandit

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Well, I start off by getting there about 8:16 - just in time for the end of the Suicide Girl's. The blonde one who said that she LOVED MPLS was pretty hot. They ended their show.

About 10 to 15 minutes later, Sebastain Bach and his band came out. They were fuckin' amazing, Bach's vocal's kicked hella ass, and he mentioned that last time he was in Minneapolis, he was Jesus Christ. He also said he's been waitin' 10 years to come back and play the Target Center. I've got a small video clip of one of his songs on my phone. One of the highlights of his set was the Myspace/Youtube rant. He goes on to say that the song they're going to play next has like 350,000 views on youtube. And then goes on to say 'your tube, his tube, her tube, my tube, She doesn't have a tube, but I've got a tube, you want my tube?'. Audience responded very well.

Then, after Bach's set, Tyler and I went and walked around the venue, I went out for a couple smokes n' then I have a homeless black man two bucks, just 'cause I was in a good mood tonight. Went back inside, and Helmet started playing, they sucked. So we just walked around, I got my poster. It kicks mucho ass. Helmet finished about...I'd say 11:15 - and according to Event Staff, they're suposed to end at 11:10, so that wasn't bad.

Next, Gn'R flag backdrop raises to the top and the wait begins. About 10 to 15 minutes later I see Frank backstage drumming on some pratice pads. And, see Robin's Guitar tech tune the guitars. And then, the intro music starts! The whole crowd is on their feet and pumped. They start playin' the Welcome To The Jungle teaser, and then Axl comes out, D'ya know where the fuck you are! The crowd erupted. They break into It's So Easy, Mr. Brownstone, and Live And Let Die. The pyro was...stunning, the heatwave that rushed over the crowd was so warm and toasty. Almost like a blanket fresh outta the dryer.

Anyways, after that they played Better, which from the few rows in section 129 that I was able to hear, no one knew the song but me and the drunk man sitting next to Tyler. Then Robin's out for his first solo, and man, I don't know about the rest of the Center, but my section was LOVING it! No one was sitting, no one was doing anything but enjoying it, well, the guys behind me were smokin' a bowl. Anyways, Robin runs backstage, and from my seat - I could see almost everything goin' down - Robin's tech handed him the Les Paul, and I shouted Sweet Child, and then Robin took it away, I think the people I was around were suprised that I was able to know what's comin' up next.

And, right along into Knockin' On Heavens Door we go, the whole fuckin' place seemed like it was singin' along. I think the highlight of this song, was when Axl said we've got one more left, and then went into knock, knock, knockin' on heavens door. That whole segment, from where I was, the vocals were 100% spot on, I almost choked on my cigarette. Then, Frank started pounding away the drums for You Could Be Mine. The pyro was warming once again (as I'm sittin' here freezing).

Anyways, The Band starts to jam, and then Dizzy started Angie, so I knew The Blues was next. Once again, I was the only sober person near me that knew the song and was all the way into it. I turned to Tyler and I was like, watch Axl's goin' to get on the Piano in about 20 seconds, I no longer got done saying that, and sure as shit, there he is! Then another lil' mini jam, and then Down On The Farm. Man, the crowd was so fuckin' into it, it was surreal. Perhaps the best song of the night for me, since I've been wanting to see it since they played it this year. After Down On The Farm came the band introduction and then Richard came n' did his solo, and then Robin came out and they had their nightly duet. That was kickass, once again, very few people sitting here also. Then they broke into 'Out Ta Bite Me'. At the end, Axl was like 'they can't bite me'. It was funny, so I yelled 'fuck the swedish police' and I don't think anyone knew what I was talkin' about. Then out came the piano once again, for November Rain. Axl did a lil' solo, and then went into the song. At the end, after they put the piano Axl threw something into the crowd, and put his rings back on. Through out the show however, I saw Beta grooving n' having a great time (Please tell the band thanks for the great show, Beta!)

After throwing something into the crowd, Axl then busted into I Feel Good. That was a shocker, since it hasn't been played since Rock In Rio. Personally, since I'm a huge Door's fan, I'd rather of heard Light My Fire, but this was an amazing suprise. Then, after I Feel Good, Used To fuckin' Love Her started, the few rows by me once again erupted. Love Her ended, and then Ron took it away with IRS. Yet again, I was the only sober person in the rows by me that knew the song word for word. The very long 'true' scream, totally owns. I know I've said IRS is too cliche, but live, brings it some justice in my opinion.

And, Mr. Ron Thal came up and did his shreding and then Don't Cry. After, Axl introduced Bach once again, for My Michelle. Baz totally owned! I really loved it, and it was just pure magic, Baz reminds me of a lil' kid on coke though how he's always running around, but the man is a great asset to any band, he's got the livly hood new age Rock n' Roll is missing. The 'get up n' go' attitude. Next, Frank did a lil' drum jam, and then blew straight into Rocket Queen. The guys behind me went nuts! They were talkin' about it before the show started, and sure as shit it was played. To be honest, it brought a tear to my eye. Rocket Queen's a very personal song for me, and I was suposed to be there with my girlfriend, but she couldn't attend. It made me kinda sad not to share that moment with her, but it was alright, I was just glad they played it. And they went into Patience. Gotta love the drunk bimbos about 3 rows behind me singing more off key then anything I've heard before. But, the song was great once they shut up. Went through a pack of smokes by this time, and was on my second pack.

Then, Axl grabed the train whistle, and signaled for Nightrain! Man, was I ready to crash and burn, the vocals were fucking surreal. He was spot on, easily better then any bootleg I've ever heard (I've got every audio show out there so I know what I am talking about). This performance blew the shit outta the water compared to any other performanced of it, old or new. At the end of the night, Axl goes 'Good fuckin' night' and walked off stage. By this time throughout the show he's blown his nose twice. After that, everyone was wondering what was going to be next, so I'm shouting Chinese Democracy for a minute or two, and then Robin came on and started the intro to it. I jumped back up 'cause I sat down because my back was killing me and I needed to crack it. Yes, again, I was the only person in the rows that I could see/hear that knew the track word for word. Then, right after Democracy ended, straight into Madagascar. Pitman kicked major ass on this track. And then, Paradise City came! Everyone and their mom's was singing along, it was so fucking fun. Then the confetti cannons went off, and the pyro/fireworks show. The songs ends and they walk off stage, and then came back and took a bow. Then they walked off stage again, and Axl came back again and said that he had a good fucking time and Tommy came up and said that he had a great time also, and that it was great to be home, or something to that effect.

I made eye contact with Robin, Ron and Axl a few times. Loved the bit where Axl spoke about our weather up here, I don't fuckin' blame him. Loved the suprises of DOTF and UTLH. Totally dug Beta dancin' to Better, that was fuckin' awesome!

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I was lookin' for you. I was also in section 129, row S.

Shit dude, were you by the two somewhat hot drunk chicks? I was the kid in the white shirt that was always smokin' a cigarette. Did you see the dude three seats to my left fall asleep?? I was somewhat headbanging durin' PC also.

EDIT: If you saw the flash from a camera a few times through out, that would've been me.

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I was near them. I had the aisle seat. I think I saw the flash. Were you by the 2 guys who were smoking pot, and dancing like 2 girls?

Yeah, the dude behind me was passin' a lil' glass one hitter 'round his buddys n' him - and the dude in the white shirt with a buzz cut that kept acting like a chick n' dancin' with his thumbs out?

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My brothers' and I were the ones with the herb and with the glass one hitter. The drunk guy was three seats to my left in row q. We were in row R. I knew the show was going to be good, but I didn't think it was going to be that good. The setlist was unbelievable and I think the solos are nice to sit down and rest your legs or grab a brew or find your cigs. Oh yeah the goofy guy in the white shirt was near me too. One of my brothers got a pic of the passed out dude and the hot chick next to him. The funny thing was the dude was trying to impress the girl by take deep hits off my brothers one hitter, and the next thing I know he's slumped over in his chair. What a dumbfuck! Anyway, Axl and the rest of the band were incredible. Props to Axl for giving such a good effort considering he is sick.(box of Kleenex's on the stage) We left after Bach to avoid Helmet and found a Hooters nearby and had a few pitchers. AHHHH, it was an awesome night! To all the cynics and whining bitches on this board. GNR ARE BACK AND AS GOOD AS EVER!!!!!!!!!

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