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Burlesque Show Isn't Paradise For City Mother


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DATE: Dec. 3, 2006

SOURCE: Winnipeg Free Press

Burlesque show isn't paradise for city mother

Sun Dec 3 2006

By Jason Bell

SHE won't take her kid down to the Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are topless.

One Winnipeg mom has decided against letting her 14-year-old son attend Monday night's Guns N' Roses concert at MTS Centre after learning a burlesque act has been added to the show.

Suicide Girls, an assortment of pierced and tattooed, semi-nude punk-rockers, will open for Axl Rose and his band, who close out most concerts with the perennial party-anthem Paradise City.

Corina, who didn't want her last name used, figures the downtown arena will be more like Sin City when the Suicide Girls hit the stage.

"It's soft porn," she said. "When I bought tickets to a rock concert for my son, I didn't expect there to be naked women. He and his friend aren't going.

"I think other parents need to be aware so they can make a choice."

The Suicide Girls combine music, choreographed dance and skits -- but it's basically a strip show.

A video on the troupe's website clearly shows there is nudity involved. They aren't dubbed the Most Dangerous Burlesque Tour in the World for nothing.

Corina isn't at all happy.

"When I bought the tickets for $180, they didn't mention an opening act," she said. "I don't see how minors can be allowed to go to this."

The music critic for the Des Moines Register online newspaper wrote this of the Guns N' Roses opening act (only added to the show in mid-November) following Friday's show in the Iowa capitol: "... five Goth strippers from the Suicide Girls burlesque troupe who twirled a flaming hula hoop and slathered each others' bare chests in chocolate sauce."

MTS Centre officials are well aware of the tour's notoriety.

"There will be some nudity," said Scott Brown, director of corporate communications.

But a decision was made not to send out an advisory warning to audience members, he said. "What will be seen at this concert has been seen before. Motley Crue had some aspects of nudity, and we received no complaints," Brown said.

Suicide Girls and former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach are among several acts expected to open for Guns N' Roses.

Actually, suggesting Guns N' Roses performs Monday night could be wishful thinking.

Tuesday morning might be more likely.

On Friday night, Axl and the boys didn't take the stage in Des Moines until 12:30 a.m., and the show didn't conclude until 2:45 a.m.

But Corina said the scantily clad women, not the expected lateness of the concert, was the clincher.

MTS Centre officials announced last week that since the band usually takes the stage around midnight and plays for a couple of hours, extra Transit buses are being brought in to make late runs.

Buses for most major routes will leave the arena when the show is over, while walkways to some parkades will also stay open later.


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