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Vanilla Ice - "Hot Sex"

Estranged Reality

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1. Hip Hop (Intro)

2. Hip Hop Rules

3. O.K.S.

4. Dirty South

5. Hot Sex

6. Unbreakable

7. Detonator

8. Elvis Killed Kennedy

9. Insane Killas

10. Tha Weed Song

11. Get Your Ass Up

12. Crash and Burn

13. Vampiro

14. MC & Slasher

15. Anthropology

16. White Trash

REVIEW: With tracks such as "White Trash," "Hot Sex," "Vampiro" and "Tha Weed Song," you know this album is destined to be a real class act!

Vanilla "Rob Van Winkle" Ice's album starts out with some really emotional lyrics straight from the Ice Man's heart. He raps about how he was as big as Jay-Z, owned five cribs and a Benz and used to cash "phat checks," but then he quit the gangsta's paradise and pursued a relationship with a wife and child. He praises his wife in his lyrics and raps about their relationship and how deeply it enriches his life.

I guess his feelings changed a bit that night a few years ago when he beat her to a bloody pulp.


But I mean, most of the time he loves her! Right? That's why he has a picture of a half-naked chick on the front of his album...and, uh, that's why he sings about how he likes to "have dirty sex with all the hot chicks in the dirtiest places" on the song HOT SEX...right?



Anyway, brilliant album. Definitely my favorite of 2003. I highly recommend it. It's better than Jay-Z and Eminem combined!

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