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Guns N' Roses guitarist comparison (YouTube)


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best guitarist gnr had its fuckin slash end of he wrote the riffs there his stuff hes also a fuckin legend all over the world what have these new guys achieved again????????

they need three guitarists to do slashs job that says it all

h and who are these guys again???????

all these guys can do is play other peoples tunes badly especially that robin fudd

this band is a fuckin circus freak show

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Good job Iceman

I have to say- Buckethead is obviously a great guitarist, but Slash is a songwriter/guitarist. Anyone(buckethead) can take someone elses song and add some killer riffs, but to write the song- that is the talent

Exactly. Couldnt've put it better myself.

Although Bucket is fucking incredible in NT

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my opinion...

Buckethead owns all!!! :rolleyes: The best guitar playing ever I heard. Excellent technique!!!

...I'll put Slash on the last place. Maby coz he was playing live under some influences of...you know what, but still, for me he's a winner as an icon.

ron is not worth the "competition"...like some kid playing in a garade!

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