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So What Happened?


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If nothing else does come of this tour, I think the thing that takes the luster off it the most in the eyes of many is that it is pretty clear these tours have been nothing more than a cash grab. They have known for a while now the album is not coming out, and I think it is kind of shady they didn't tell us when they knew to preserve ticket sales and avoid getting beat up in the media. I am sure many others like me bought tickets for the shows on the assumption the album would possibly be out by our shows given they made it clear it was coming this year. To have things end up the way they have with them taking advantage of people's optimism to line their pockets kind of leaves a sour taste in ones mouth.

here's a thought:

Axl failed to pay up for a painting a little white ago. Maybe Axl is cash strapped and a tour was needed to keep paying the bills.

Yeah. That, or


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Europe was mostly a festival tour.

I think the tour is doing not so bad actually!

Thats not true. They played sold out gigs in Finland, Norway, UK. Sweden and more...

Does anyone inside this forum have a list with capasity of every arena GNR has been playing on so fare?

And then they could post the attendence to. Would have given us alot of answers and stopped alot of speculations..

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