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my Edmonton Review and direct quotes from Ron Thal


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ok, now not being from either edmonton OR Calgary, I guess I could be considered an ideal candidate for a non-partial review of the 2 concerts :). anyway....about Edmonton....YOU GUYS ROCK. Theres NO QUESTION that the Edmonton show was 200% better than the Calgary show..and Axl and co performed for you....you gave response....they gave you a MUCH better show...its that simple. Now how do i KNOW that Axl gave a much better performance? cause Ron TOLD ME, yes, Bumblefoot told me eye to eye, literally as far away as you are from your moniter, I was told that Axl put on a MUCH better show last night than the night before, but ill get to those details a bit later.

The night began with jungle, as per usual, no real surprise there. I guess ive come to accept that Axl's just stuck in a rut given his position that he just wont leave, maybe hes all 'wrapped up in himself' or whatnot, i dont know, but for the most part, the order was the same. The exceptions last night were 'down on the farm' was performed, and when Bach came out, Bubbles was RIGHT AFTER that. The solos as well last night were MUCH better than the Calgary show and it was ALL BECAUSE OF THE CROWD, so let me tell you that when you goto a show...and the crowd sucks...the band is going to suck...because what i saw in Calgary...vs Edmonton...2 TOTALLY different bands....not even comparable in the least. Even the sound was better...BUT there was a massive difference about that as well, my seating position. I picked a spot directly beside the stage rather than across the stadium from the stage, and the vocals were much clearer as well as the instruments were in a lot better clarity and one was able to hear more detail from instruments as they were being played, maybe it was the venue, maybe the seating, maybe the soundperson, i dont know, but the crowd also responded quite strongly as well, Id have to say first at the 1st chords to jungle, as well as when Bubbles came on stage, and even *ug* Sabo Bach.

Now the backstage party....hehe..im sure lots of you just skipped the rest of this to this part...hehe..i know i would :) anyway, getting to the backstage after concert party is no small feat. and I wont even go into all the details, but man, i tell ya, if your going to the backstage anything afterwards, you pretty much need a vagina to get anywhere quickly...which im short of, so alas, my night was not all it could have been. My friend and I finally arrived at the backstage party *which was at the stadium* and we sit down. *LOTS of detail has been left out for now in GETTING backstage etc, i might write it up later* I look around and theres various suicide girls sitting around, Ron Thal is talking to a table, Frank is talking to some suicide girls, theres various other ppl there, a couple of chicks are talking to Dizzy. So we sit down at the first avaliable bar table and smile at our success, we are NOW in the same room as GnR. I realize that .00001% of the world EVER get this priviledge and im LIVING it at this point. I mean seriously, it was mindblowing. So i look over and Ron is one table away talking to a table full of S-Girls and Del James is there as well, and I say 'Hey Ron.' so he comes over and shakes both our hands and returns greets and asks us what we thought of the show. I basically told him everything in my 2nd paragraph, as im honest and Ron is a person just like i am, so im going to treat him as i expect to be treated, even though hes a part of the biggest band in the world, that doesnt change overly how ill treat someone. im NOT a kissass, as there seem to be so many in that 'family', anyway, so I ask Ron, 'how do you feel, or what do you think about Buckethead and predecessors and playing some of the parts that he didnt write?'

'I try to keep it the same but at the same time i keep it unique and somewhat my own. I want to honour them cause they were the ones that wrote it, but im the one playing it ya know?'

then i ask, 'did you do any more work*since the leak*on CITR?'

it was kinda funny at this point cause he signed and wrote a little msg on my poster that stated 'anything you want to know about the CD, just go and ask management, theyll know! signed Ron Thal'

and he kept referring back to that...there were also a few other questions i asked that i told Ron i would keep just to myself, that i cant mention on here, as that would make me a liar, and im not going to do that to Ron either, but they included topics such as Axl, of course, his guitar playing history, as well as life in the band. some of it being very general cause all this took place in about 15-20 mins so I guess thats my 15 mins of fame :D at least for myself. I did ask Ron if Axl was coming and if he could introduce me to Axl, his reply was 'I dont think ill have to, Axl will prolly comeover and introduce himself.' but no sooner than that was said Frank cameover and Ron told us that Axl had put on such a huge show tonight that he was exhausted and not coming out of his bus tonight. then all the women proceeded to file out and it became a giant sausagefest*yes to go see Axl on the bus*. We would have tried to go and see Axl on the bus too but there were a few pretty beefy security guards in the way and that just would have turned out badly for us, i think.

Anyway, id like to say that GnR gave the BEST performance in AB, in Edmonton, and thanks to Ron Thal for taking time out for me and my friend and to make the Edmonton show MOST unforgettable and CRAZY! :D

Ill prolly type more when i get home tomorow...but maybe ill just leave this like this, at this point i dont know. I told Ron i was going to type this up today, so maybe he'll even read it :) can always hope :) Im just massively dissapointed i didnt get to meet Axl, blah.

ps as i said, this is quick n dirty, i almost forgot, Ron asked me to say 'hi' to everyone here and thanks for making this tour such a success so far 'keep listening!'.

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Thanks. Awesoem review. What was the attendance?

once again, same as calgary, during jungle, it was full...talked to a guard and he thought it was sold out...but who knows...but after ycbm it was slowly emptying for the most part...Axl..i think your idea of a 4 hours concert isnt work for most....if you read this....at least the 2 days i saw....hmm

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Great story man. Someone should tell Ron to quit telling people to ask management. Does he think we have the fuckin batphone and can just dial up Merck when we please?(well, elsewhere gave it a shot-lol) People are asking him about CD because he is supposed to be a fucking band member. What a concept! Asking someone who is in the band about the status of an album, that he may very well have played on! I can't say I blame him. I guess I wouldn't risk that kinda cash either if I were him by pissing off Lord Axl.

or maybe ron knows but can't say anything..

I mean we dont know if as a band they decided or approved a decision of not saying anything about the CD.

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Ron Who?

Ron Thal.



Ron Thal is talking to a table

...would have loved to hear that conversation! :tongue2:

See, that's the problem with Ron... he'll talk to ANYTHING. He probably told the table the exact release plans for the new album.


Was it a typo or is Ron out of his mind? :drevil:

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