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Nas - Hip-Hop is Dead

Estranged Reality

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I won't lie - I downloaded it.

Usually though I will buy albums after I download leaks, as I did with Tom Waits' Orphans, so if I like something then I buy it.

And I like this album. I think Jay-Z's is more catchy but Nas' has more depth. Black Republican is a strong song. My favorite is the title track, which is the most catchy on the album.

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789
I don't listen to much hip hop, but Nas hasn't sold out has he? To me he was always unique, and very talented. Every thing in hip hop today is about pimps,rims and ho's. I hope he hasn't gone down that road.

No, he just consumes all his time criticizing other rappers.

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