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Bumblefoot Needs To Play Guitars S**K


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I just downloaded this song and I must say "WOW". I had heard a piece of it before and it sold me on Bumblefoot instantly. I think it would be great if (along with Don't Cry) Ron played a bit of this into his solo time. I know I would love to hear it live in the atmosphere of a GN'R concert.

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why the hell did you feel the need to bleep out the word suck?

'Cause that's what the song title was when I downloaded it, I assumed it was the official title. I take it I was wrong?

ohhhh arite i thought you were just being a douchebag.

nah the real title its just suck.

i guess whoever you downloaded it from or whateever, who named it like that was being a douchebag.

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