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The Black Crowes

mr. orangestone

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I keep hearing people say good things but cant say I've ever heard anything by them. Can you recomend a starting album, for a first timer.

I'd buy the albums in order, start with "Shake Your Money Maker" then go for "The Souther Harmony and Musical Companion"

They're both amazing (I actually prefer the 2nd one more, but they're both great CD)

Greatest Hits is also a good place to start, but it misses a couple tracks that should be on it (Sometimes Salvation and Hotel Illness to name a few).

and to moreblack: i went to a show in early November (actually 4 days before I saw GnR - in a venue right down the street) and they played an amazing two sets. I love how they switch up their setlist so much, makes their shows so much more interesting (although I do wish they played She Talks to Angels, but the extended jam on Thorn in My Pride at the end of the first set was good enough for the ticket price itself).

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My favorite albums are Amorica, and By Your Side.

good to see a fan of some of the later albums that seem to be forgotten. no one talks about their later albums as much, i think they're great though.

chris robinsons solo stuff with new earth mud is also worth checking out. a lot more mellow, and it shows he was definately the one who brought soul to their music (while his brother brought the rock edge). i liked both of his solo releases a lot.

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I think I overplayed Shake Your Moneymaker and Southern Harmony back in the day, so I can't really listen to those 2 very often. But something about Amorica always caught my ear, I think it was the first album they really got off the Stonesy kick and started messing with some country, and funk and jamming a little more. After Amorica they just opened the floodgates to all sorts of exploration and discovery of just what they could do.

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Sothern Hamrmony would get u off on the right foot. I love Lost Crowes double album of coked out jams, you just get mesmerized by it. For just classic Crowes Shake Your Money Maker is unbeatable. New album someone said as well soon. Robinson can sing.

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I saw them in 91 or 92(can't remember the exact year) at the American Theatre in St.Louis. The place holds about 3,000. Awesome show, for the 1st 4-5 songs I sat about 15 feet from the band, then we were kicked out, so I went up to one of the balcony's, the place has 3. They didn't play "Talks to Angels"(wrong title I'm sure) but other than that it was great. I bought some Black Crowes rolling papers, hung onto them for awhile, but then I used them :) .

Its always great to see a band in their prime.

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i love the fact that every night is a complete different set list and they rarely play more than 1 or 2 of their "hits". go to instantlive.com and check out their sets from the past couple of years. they do that deal where you can buy a cd of the show on the way out at the end of the night. really cool. i wish GNR would do that.

Instant Live records concerts, duplicates the masters at high speed, and distributes finished CDs in as little as six minutes after a show.


this is the show i saw on Friday, June 30th:

Good Friday

Jam -> Greasy Grass River

Sting Me

Another Roadside Tragedy

Ballad In Urgency ->

Wiser Time

Let It Be Gone

Lay It All On Me (a favorite of mine that's rarely played. a real treat!!)

Jam -> Thorn In My Pride




- encore -

Around And Around

# Rich sang lead vocal and Chris played electric guitar on "Let It Be Gone"

# Rich played 12-string acoustic guitar on "Lay It All On Me"

# Marc sang lead vocal and Chris played electric guitar on "Alabama"

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Fraek N' Roll....Into The Fog is a great album. It's a live one with all of their best stuff, including a SICK cover of The Band's The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down

I have that on DVD and it is quite good. They are definitely a band that needs to be seen/heard live to be fully appreciated. Amorica would be my favorite studio album.

I have yet to buy the double CD of unreleased material that came out recently. Opinions anyone?

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I caught their show this summer.

Best concert I've been to this year.

I saw them this summer and thought they were terrible. The only real big hit they played was "Remedy", and a lot of the other stuff they played was real slow and mellow. Robert Randolph opened for them, and in my opinion blew the Crowes away.

I laughed all night at this older couple who were obviously there for Twice As Hard and Hard To Handle, neither got played that night and they just got more and more pissed off! :lol: They left 3/4 into the show!!

I had a blast at the show tho, I know every song they've ever done so I was not lost at all, and I loved the fact that they played mostly for the die-hards. It's all about the jams.

Setlist from that night:


1. Greasy Grass River

2. Sting Me

3. Black Moon Creeping

4. Tough Mama

5. High Head Blues

6. Soul Singing

7. Song Of Love


1. Downtown Money Waster

2. Thorn In My Pride

3. Young Man, Old Man

4. Steady Rollin' Man

5. Good Friday

6. Twice As Hard

7. Remedy

8. No Speak No Slave

9. Willin'

Oh and Bax I just bought The Lost Crowes, there's some decent stuff on there, but overall you can tell why they weren't released.

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