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The Black Parade


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The only thing from My Chemical Romance I like.

I bought it based on the Rolling Stone review.

Mama, I guess is my favorite song.

Most definitely the best album I bought this year.

I think some people on here would be too quick to dismiss it as crap just cause it's by MCR. It's really really good, I'd definently also call it the best album I bought this year as well.

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I also dismissed the album just because it was My Chemical Romance, but after I heard "Welcome To The Black Parade" a couple of times and really liked it (especially the beginning) I decided to check it out. And it's actually good, I liked almost all the songs and it's a good listen.

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Great album! I absolutely love it. I love every MCR album, though.

I know what you're talking about, lots of people hated MCR before, and now they realized that MCR aren't just another crap teeny emo band... they're serious musicians. I think that's really cool when a band can prove people wrong.

My favorite tracks would be... Cancer or Dead! or... Disenchanted.

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I hated their first record. I haven't heard the whole new one. I guess the title track is descent. It's not great, but it's listenable (much more than I can say for their other shit). They'd be much better if their singer would just sing instead of doing that whiney scream thing. I know they're an emo band, but when he just sings I really dig em. That scream pisses me off way too much.

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