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best cd/dvd you bought this year?


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the best CD is gonne be Chinese Democracy

Man don't mean to be point picking. BUT the amount of times you have said that about Chi Dem coming out this year is ridiculous especially as we have only 2 tuesdays left in the year. I think it's time to face it's not coming out this year and you can go make some excuse or go tell me how it will come out next year and it's all part of some plan Axl has.

Anyway on topic:

Best CD: Ascendacy, Trivium

Best DVD: Not sure if you count bootleg copies maybe Borat

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the best CD is gonne be Chinese Democracy

The funny thing is in 2 weeks either you (including everyone with hope) or everyone who doesn't have hope will look like a bunch of idiots!

Hey I don't have hope, but I'm hoping you get this right!

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Geez, I don't know. I've bought so many CDs this year ( just like every year ;) ), I lost count on which I bought this year, so I'm just gonna pick 3 off my head now:

- Counting Crows - August and everything after ( I got this album one month ago, listened to it everyday since then at least once a day the whole way through, and haven't got bored of it yet. Something a CD does very rarely to me).

- Mad Season - Above (this is like THE Grunge album, I fuckin' love it!!)

- Alice in Chains - Unplugged (simply beautiful, got me through the time my gf broke up with me).

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

CD: Banished to the underworld - Satanic Slaughter (which I'm, btw, is named after)

DVD: Not sure, but it might be the cartoon mr Bean movie I bought. I've laught pretty much to that

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