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Axl needs to pick GNR's next manager VERY CAREFULLY


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It might be easier to stop creating bad press. Do good things, and Good things happen. Shut up Earl.

Not sure I want a santised GNR.

What about Sharon Osbourne?

What about Ozzy - that would be funky.

You know, Sharon Osbourne might be a really good choice. She certainly knows the terrain the band would be dealing with, she's managed a lot of other hard rock acts and she's well respected.

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I don't know if it is fair to pin all the blame on Merck for being vague about things relating to GNR and CD. He probably went with the info that he had which was that things might be finished or they might not. Considering the amount of people who have come and gone on this project, it is probably fair to say that it is not totally Merck's fault. Obviously some of the statements that he made were obtuse and bordering on ridiculous but, by the sounds of it, this whole process has been obtuse and ridiculous. Axl must take some of the blame for the situation because all the things that happen around him are in some ways under his control. I think that Merck is becoming the scapegoat for the situation which is a smart move for Axl.

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