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Epiphone LP

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Well im getting a new guitar and i want to get a Les Paul, an Epiphone one, im wondering if anyone one here knows anything about them? dose it play nice? , dose it have a good sound, is it solid and wont break quick/easy . im sure im either going to get a Standard or a Custon which one is better ?


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The stock Epi P-Ups blows donkies, replace them. Tokais, as Max said, are WAY better if you can get your hands on one. Check eBay for either a Tokai, Greco, or Burny. All phenominal guitars for 400-700 US$. If you get an Epi, make sure a guitar tech sets it up good.

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Don't get one :lol:

Hehehe joking, they aint all that bad really. The Pickups and all the hardware are shit though, so if you want a decent guitar, replace them.

Also have a look at the Epiphone Dots, i reakon they are much better than the Les Pauls, their tone has more charecter, and is more versitile. Plus they look damn cool.

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