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Amazing performance of Gimme Shelter

Vincent Vega

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Here it is

It's a perfect rendition of it! And Mick and everybody look awesome. Unfortunately, the only thing that's missing is Merry Clayton. It's such a sad song, and what makes this performance even sadder is the little caption in the beginning that says "Pop Goes the 60's" It's true, that performance at Altamont killed the spirit of the 60's and launched us in the 70's. We were on the verge of both civil war and also philosophical and/or spiritual englightenment and it went to a crashing halt.

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It's a promo video from 1969,of which there were 2 versions filmed for this song...the one viewed here,and a second one that has some insert news footage.

Mary Clayton's vocals were edited out for the obvious reason...she wasn't there.

This airing of the promo video is from Top of the Pops,a special episode entitled Pop Goes The 60's.

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