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My little Chat with BBF and an Oakland

J. Rose

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Hey morons, he has clearly marked which are the new pics by putting a red border around them. The rest are from this past spring at the Warfield. So instead of calling it bs why don't you try to read.

Why not make your point without bashing people?

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Thanks for sharing J Rose...very cool!

And it's completely understood if you can't share some details that BBF may have told you in confidence.

He didn't really say much, just kinda acknowledged it and started talking shit about Merck. I updated the conversation I had back on the first page a while back if you guys didn't notice

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#1 from all accounts the show started at 12:05, #2 why are you blacked out, are you in witness protection?

#3 the ron account of Merck/Axl's letters is the most important detail of your whole story and its missing?! LOL

#1 - It was 12:29 on my watch

#2 - It's just not my thing to put myself (face)out in the internet community), I knew someone who had a bad experience.

#3 - It'll come back to me and when It does I'll write it down so I won't forget again. ;)

A *bad* experience on the internet?

Now that seems highly unlikely. :rolleyes:

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