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An Other Cup- Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)


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Aside from Teaser and the Firecat, this is easily his best work. His conversion to Islam has clearly bestowed upon him lyrical and musical gifts and inspiration. This album is a call for peace and religious co-operation. There are clear influences from Islam on the record, but it's not overwhelming, barely noticable, and actually adds to its appeal.

A tremendous album. If you're a fan of his 70's work, this is worth checking out, at least download it if you don't wanna buy it, it must be noticed. By all means, a brilliant record.

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This is one topic that really warrants a bump. Nothing like listening to Cat (Yusuf) with a cup of hot coffee out on your porch on a slightly chill morning, and it's amazingly beautiful to hear his voice on new material, all of which is beautifully arranged and written. There might not be anything here as great as "Wild World", "Father and Son", or "Peace Train", but it's all great.

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Here's one of the songs from his new album, "Maybe There's a World", I hope people look at this. It's really strong music, kinda recalls his later-day 70's work. Cat/Yusuf's message on this album is beautiful, and makes it clear that he is a peaceful man:


Commercial music video for "Heaven/Where True Love Goes" also off the new album, not one of my favorites, but good:


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