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Queen + Paul Rogers / Must Download Bootleg


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Since we don't have a "other bands" bootleg/ download section, I'll post it here...

07.03.2006 - Concert: Queen + Paul Rodgers in Gwinett Center, Duluth, Georgia, USA Artist Queen + Paul Rodgers

Date 07.03.2006

Venue Gwinett Center

City Duluth, Georgia

Country USA

Support band none or unknown

Attendance 9060

Audio recording 132:58 min. | excellent - quality


Paul Rodgers (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano)

Brian May (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lead/backing vocals)

Roger Taylor (drums, lead/backing vocals)

Jamie Moses (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals)

Danny Miranda (bass guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals)

Spike Edney (keyboards, backing vocals)


Intro: Lose Yourself [tape - Eminem]

Intro: Reachin' Out (Paul on vocals + Spike keyboards only)

Tie Your Mother Down (Paul on vocals)

Fat Bottomed Girls (Paul on vocals)

I Want To Break Free (Paul on vocals)

Take Love (Paul on vocals)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Paul on vocals + guitar)

'39 (Brian on vocals & guitar)

Love Of My Life (Brian on vocals & guitar)

Hammer To Fall (Brian and Paul on vocals)

Feel Like Makin' Love (Paul on vocals)

Let There Be Drums

I'm In Love With My Car (Roger on vocals and drums!)

Guitar solo

Last Horizon

Bad Company (Paul on vocals and piano)

Another One Bites The Dust (Paul on vocals)

Dragon Attack (Paul on vocals)

These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Roger on vocals)

Radio Ga Ga (Roger and Paul on vocals)

Can't Get Enough (Paul on vocals)

The Show Must Go On (Paul on vocals)

Bohemian Rhapsody (Freddie and Paul on vocals)

We Will Rock You (Paul on vocals)

All Right Now (Paul on vocals)

We Are The Champions (Paul on vocals)

God Save The Queen

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Great bootleg!

Thanks to itsjustme2.0 at some other site for uploading.

If you're a queen fan, you should download it.

Queen + Paul Rodgers is a great show, I recommend going to see them if you can get the chance.

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I've seen this. It's very good, but not even close to the Chicago show. Chicago had one of the best crowds to that point in the tour, and the band were spot on. The order was different, but with the exception of 39 (which was cut from the setlist shortly after this show), it was the same setlist. They almost did 39, though. When the tech brought Brian his Red Special after Love of My Life, he clearly was not happy that he was brought the guitar (seeming to signal that he wanted a different one) but then gave the nevermind signal. When he sat down to do Hammer, though, he did the intro story to 39 from Return of the Champions. It appeared that he wanted to do 39 to thank the Chicago crowd but the tech missed the cue.

Totally agreed, though, if they tour again YOU MUST SEE THEM.

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