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one of the best METAL BAND EVER!!!


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listen to A Thousand Goodnights it's maybe the best one or Behind The Wall.

The leed guitarist is so fucking good and the best solo is on Stolen Years and it's first slow and then he plays relly fucking fast ass fucking hell!!

the other guitaris couldn't play his solos or guitar parts on this demos because he broke his hand.



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My God, you don't know HOW MUCH this is taking to load X_X !!!

the songs :huh:

it goes fast for me :P

yeah but you don't know how much crappy my internet can be :(

not just you, it wont load for me either

or me and im recieveing 54.0MBPS From my wireless connection :question:

mmm... :unsure:

let it take sometime ;)

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Meh. I wasn't impressed.

thay are like 100 times better live B)

Listen to the solo in Stolen Years ;)

he doesnt show off that much but he can play fast as hell!!

and his playing sounds better then buckethead because BH doesnt play inside the scales. it's ok to add notes but it sound out off tune if you use them wrong or if you add all notes on the guitar like BH :P

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