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who do you think? not necessarily who you like, but in terms of influence, record sales, contribution to the progression of music/culture, the whole shbang. Who'd you think it is and why? I say Beatles and as for why, well their record speaks for itself. Maybe Elvis. whats your opinion and please...dont say Guns n Roses cuz it just aint true as much as i love the bastards. in fact, shit, say what you feel as long as you can back it up :)

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Although its incredibly hard to choose just one band/artist

I would have to say

The Beatles.

No other band/artists came anywhere near close to the influence and impact they had, culturely and musically.

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im getting lists here, i meant like...one band that you can attribute the absolute most to.

Well, there wouldn't be rock like we know it without the Stones, Elvis, Dylan, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Out of those, Dylan and The Stones are my absolute picks. I had only read "band" in the title of the thread, so I now add Bob Dylan to my choices.

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Elvis kicked the door open for sure,Tom Parker - his snake oil salesman manager actually orchestrated a LOT of Elvis' initial exposure and success.

It was cool for whitey to listen to the black man's music all of a sudden.

Fast forward a few years (I'll skip the extended diatribe),big business,religious groups,government etc. etc. all tried to muzzle rock and roll.The industry itself cashed in and basically homogenized it down to the point where the airwaves were full of Fabians and Franky Avalons.

Elvis went in the army,Little Richard found God,Jerry Lee married his 13 year old cousin and killed his career,Buddy Holly died.

Things were looking dire,and the Beatles came along...armed with amazing talent,clever song writing skills that improved with each release,and most importantly...a sound unheard of at that time.

As Tom Petty said "they were a gift from God".

It's stunning how many famous rockers were inspired by the Beatles' appearance on Ed Sullivan to become a musician.

The Beatles paved the way for the British Invasion in North America,they held the door open for the Stones.

Rock and Roll blossomed as a culture at this juncture and yes,John Lennon was right...at that time the Beatles were more popular than Jesus (at least to that generation).

Elvis got the ball rolling perhaps,in terms of popularity...but the Beatles knocked it out of the ball park culturally.

By far the biggest influence on modern music goes hands down to the Beatles.

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Bob Dylan. He was one of the first to really fuse folk music, urban youth culture of the time, and beatnik peotry with the electric set up to really create a sophisticated brand of rock that hadn't really been there before. Elvis and the Stones exemplified urban culture too, but theirs was a street culture of rebelious teens. Dylan's was coffe-shop intellectualism which hadn't been seen much in rock to that point.

My list is:

1 Bob Dylan

2 Elvis

3) The Rolling Stones

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