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Maiden 22/12/2006


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Last night i saw Iron Maiden for the first time and my God it was worth the wait!!!

Got to Earls Court with my brother and his friend about 6:15pm just after doors opened and we were inside by half past where we proceeded to have a couple of beers and join the crowd to buy merch which was a struggle to say the least... I met this cool guy in the merch bundle and got talking and he instantly dispelled any fears that i had of the band not performing...

Just after we finished getting the merch and entered the arena which was probably 60% full Trivium took the stage... This was the first time seeing them and they are a band i do enjoy and i was impressed... The frontman Matt Heafy had a rant a little way through the set after he got piss bottled and he basically said "If you dont like our music dont listen fuck head... You dont see us coming to where you work and cock slapping you!!!" To this the crown roared approval and soon their set was finished...

I think Maiden went on at 8:15pm and started with Different World and worked through the whole new album and i was surprised how good the atmosphere was where I was standing as i saw many people just listening... Where as the area i was at knew the album off by heart... After the song the Longest Day Bruce revealed that basically the fuse box for amps blew up and was on fire so they needed to change it over before they could continue... What proceeded was 10mins of Mexican waves... Singing happy Birthday to Dave... Christmas Carols... and throwing footballs around...

Shortly after this Maiden continued with their set and while some of the energy was lost during the break many people were still into it and the last 4 tracks were amazing to see live with everyone getting into it...

After this they ran through the classics: Fear of the Dark, Iron Maiden, 2 Minutes to Midnight, The Evil that Men Do and Hallowed Be Thy Name...

The biggest surprise before the encore when they took the stage again... Bruce revealed that the band were going to take next year off (this was met with many boos :P ) But due to playing a gig in March in Dubai this was scrapped... Bruce then hinted that "We may return to a muddy field next year!" he then proceeded to quote Shakespeare which went something like "Thank God for Donnington!" Bruce finished off by saying "We might be back at Donnington but who knows?" Which was met by a huge roar from the crowd with one of the headliners for Download 07 possibly confirmed?

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