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just an idea


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Actually that sounds quite good :) Tho I still dont know what I should think of this 'Blind Melon'.. Maybe it would have been better if they had put Blind Melon + w/e is the new vocalist's name like Queen did with Paul Rodgers.

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since axl and the members of blind melon have always been good friends, do you think blind melon will support guns n roses on tour next year. gnr have chinese democracy coming out hopefully in march and blind melon release there comeback album 'ojibwe' in may. it would be a perfect tour rock2

Blind Melon wont sell tickets.....

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travis warren is the new singer

Is he Black??

Can you stop being a cock?


But for real.............I seen Blind Melon.... and their music really sucked. I think Axl just did his best friend at the time, Shannon Hoon, a favor by letting them tour.

FUCK YOU!! Blind Melon is easily my second favorite band after gnr.

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Not at all, with shannon dead there is no blind melon


its pretty ironic that you think this, because it is also true that without slash there is no guns n roses.

Slash was not the voice for Guns. In my opinion, that is more important.

Cool. Enjoy your SCOM without that famous riff then. :)

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