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I love em, dont have one but i dont have anything against em

If you don't have one, then how do you love it? :unsure:

Anyway... I've heard good things about them, next time I see when in a guitar shop i'll try it out and maybe I'll have a better opinion on them.

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I've been reading topics about BBF having a Line 6 amp, and nobody seems to like them. What are your reasons for not liking them?

The main thing people here have against Line6 is that Slash uses Marshall.

Personally, I think Line6 is a great company with great products. I've played a lot of their amps, used their effects pedals, and own the PodXT Live. All the Line6 products I've used have totally owned! rock1 Yeah, I can understand why people might be against it- if you want an authentic plexi sound or a treadplate sound, yeah, stick with the originals. But if you like to experiment with your sound and always have to option to change it up radically, Line6 is for you.

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I would take a Line 6 over a Solid State amp or a crappy Tube Amp.

Line 6 really have their digital emulation nailed.

But the reason i use a tube is because you just can't reproduce the sound of a quality tube up turn up to 11 where it really starts to open up and saturate.

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The main thing I have against Line 6 is that they are solid state (c'mon.. tube is the thing) and they don't even sound good. They sound phony and cold. I want a warm, round sound. Thats why I've got myself an old all tube Marshall.

Slash happens to use the excactly same amp(before the Riot). But thats now why I got it.

Other amps I really really want is a Fender TwinReverb, Orange AD30 or maybe a marshall superlead.

Tubeamps of course. I can't stand those shitty solid state amps.

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to me, amps should be simple. i don't even like built-in reverb. if i use any effects i'll use them in a loop. i don't like multi-effect processors and i really don't like digital effects at all. at louder volumes the sound falls apart.

if you wanna do some studio work or if you just want a "catch-all" amp to have in your room to jam on, Line 6 are great for that. but, if you're a working musician, they just don't cut it. i'm sure BBF has many back-up amps, because the more stuff you have on an amp, the more things go wrong with your amp. i was shocked when i found out BBF used Line 6. it must be an endorsement thing.

as far as amps, i personally have a modded Sovtek with a Marshall cabinet which i love to death. i'm a stomp box guy when it comes to effects. analog with true bypass is all i'll use. better tone that way, i believe.

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line 6 has really cool shit, and really bad shit, like any other brand. Marshall has really cool shit, and it has the valvestates series.... fender has some cool shit and has some guitar/amps that makes you feel like you have been gangbanged and raped...

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