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fav make of amp

fav make of amp  

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ok so these makes i see alot of and was wondering what you people thought of them

i used to love Marshalls but recently i've been playing a Vox at lessons and am really liking the sound of them. i might get myself a vox aswell as a marshall. but till then i guess Marshall will be my fav

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Well Marshall is the classic rock amp of course.

Clapton, Hendrix, Townshend etc all used it and made it famous.

But they have been used so so so so much its hard to get an original tone from them.

Ssiscool, i've only played an AC-30 reissue once and it was fucking awesome!

But i'm really digging Fender amps, i love Neil Youngs brutal tone gets from them.

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My first choice is Marshall, I got a Marshall myself.. a pretty good one I may say ;)

Lester+Marshall <3

Anywya, my second choice would be a Fender Twin Reverb or a VOX AC30.

Maybe an Orange?

I think you should add Orange and Fender.. atleast Fender on your list.

And maybe Hiwatt.

EDIT: Line 6? C'mon? You can't prefer a mediocre soldstate amp ?

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