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The Fray


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If you don't have How to Save a Life, buy it. It is by far the best CD I've ever heard. The lyrics blows anything out of the water.

Their most popular song.

Current single.

These guys also put on a great live show. They don't drink or do drugs, and it shows, they perform amazingly when it's live.

She is--That is the first song on the CD, and it is one of the best.

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to be fair, they have a good popular formula for their music-

playing into the trends of the day which leans towards the somber piano and alternate rock radiohead-ish/coldplay-ish melodies fronted by a clean attitude and generally positive message to their music- typically white suburban higher middle class music that attracts the masses of popular radio-listening junkies

from that standpoint they are anthropologically a perfect band and I can see why you might like them.

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It is by far the best CD I've ever heard.

Just a friendly suggestion:

You need to listen to more music.

Just a friendly suggestion:

You need to be more open-minded.

I'm plenty open-minded. That's exactly why I suggested you listen to more music. No offense, but if you think it's the best CD you've ever heard, then that's saying a lot. It's fine to have an opinion, but there's so much more outside of the mainstream...

No need to take it personally, I was just expressing my concerns. You can think whatever you want.

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swlabr: I'm glad you appreciated my statement, I rarely chime in anymore and it's good to know that what I say counts.

I wouldn't go as far as saying it's quantifying all of modern mainstream music, but at least the facet that comes from the english alt-rock derived from the mid-90s. It seems to have been having a revival in the american mainstream of late and I find it to be an interesting beast to follow...boring to listen to, but interesting to watch as an evolutionary form.

estranged reality and sprite: why bicker about who's open minded and who's not? closed mindedness gets such a bad rap but making conclusions is an inherant part of being human. When a person can't back up their conclusions is a problem though.

So now I beg sprite to please further and expand upon his conclusion on the Fray and perhaps we can have a spirited debate rather than bickering about the open or closed mindedness of other members.

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