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The Libertines


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Anybody into this band?

They're really cool and have a lot of different kinda songs. It's an english thing, so maybe you americans don't like them too much.

My favourite song is "Don't Look Back Into The Sun" - It's kinda punkish but also a very pop alike song.

If you don't like the band then discuss how cool Pete Doherty is :D

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Is this the band that the ugly smack head rotton teethed asshole sings for?

Very open minded. Because we all know that no talented musician was ever a heroin addict... <_<

Why is that closed minded?

..and who said he wasn't talented?

He acts like an asshole!

But you said it in a disrespectful way, as if all he is is an ugly heroin addict who can't stay out of trouble. Yes, he is an arsehole, but arseholes can still write good songs, and he wasn't the only member of the The Libertines.

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I've only got their self-titled but I love it. Especially Can't Stand Me Now. Sadly, a lot of people think they're shite just because Pete Doherty was a member. They were a good band.

Ya I liked a few of their songs, some of his solo stuff is good aswell like, ye ever hear any? I had it on me comp, but it was lost in time...

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I love them.

Love "What a Waster", "Time for Heroes" and "Tomblands". Really I love all their songs.

And I don't hardly care for the whole tabloid frenzy over Pete. He can string a song together but people make

judgements on him based on what the read in the tabloids rather than the music. If you slag the bloke off but

have never sat down and really listened to the music then ye can just fuck off, so ye can.

The Libertines were a fantastic band.

I like Babyshambles a lot too, saw them the other month and that's not a gig I'll forget in a hurry. Pete interacts

with the crowd in a way like I've never seen another musician do.

I have quite a few bits n pieces downloaded, demos etc...

One by Babyshambles I think, "Do You Know Me?" is really good.

And by the Libertines; Bucket Shop. Great wee song but not on the albums.

Dirty Pretty Things are great too but Carl's a bit lost on stage without Pete if I'm honest.

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