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Punk's Not Dead


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let it die man. like rotten said "do your own thing like we did and stop looking up to granddad"

..did he say that before the reunion tours?? :tongue2:

i think the point is that WE shouldnt harp on about it in a revivalist sense, not that they shouldn't play what they created although point taken.

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I read the cast member list (pretty impressive)...and also read the list of bands that didn't get included.

One of the bands that didn't make the cut was Discharge...

I couldn't be happier about that!

What a bunch of self centred arrogant pricks...some friends of mine opened for them around '83,right fucking wankers.

...and the gig wasn't all that great either!

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Why are Greenday, Offspring & Rancid in the trailer?!?! :huh:

Well in the 90's there was no disputing Green Day was a punk band, although I can see where you're coming from speaking from today, the punk in them has certainly died. Offspring, i know they're labeled punk but really I do consider them pop myself, I also know they failed as a grunge band, so they're just band-wagon jumpers who tried to get signed as a punk band in Green Day's hype. And seriously if you can't see why rancid is in it, go buy ...And out come the Wolves

I think it's a dumb idea for a movie and will certainly not be watching it even free on cable.

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