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Guns n Roses Teminator CD


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This remind's me of the "Day's Of Thunder" soundtrack with KOHD on it (I think I still have the tape propping up a table downstair's). <_< I don't even think they play the fucking song in Tom (theknobgobbler) Cruise movie. I hate that closet fag. :anger: Anyway,yeah....the T2 single ain't worth much. At least Arnold had taste and class. rock3

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All CD-singles / 7" are pressed in a limited ammount but since most of them were pressed during the era when GN'R were kings of the world limited isn't really very limited since the number of copies was very large. The "You Could Be Mine" single can still be found very easily (both on vinyl and CD) and you can often get it very cheap so don't let anyone trick you. There are some japanese version on 3" CDS of it that are more rare and way cooler. ;)

Check out my collection here: Lukin's Record Collection. Just use the menu to scroll your way to the GN'R section. ;) If you press the link where it says "cover art" you can see all the covers for the records in the collection.

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I've always wondered what the deal is with that random black dude towards the end of the "You Could Be Mine" filmclip who has Axl on his shoulders and the next scene he's gone.

Anybody know for sure who he is or what the purpose for him being in the clip is?

To show that Axl was down years before the jerseys and cornrows? Or to show that despite "one in a million" Uncle Axl has no ill will towards the brothers?

Amusing answer, but does anyone else here actually know?!

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