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Best guitar tone


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i guess it depends on the song or style of music. i love EVH's "brown sound", but i also love the full bodied warmth of SRV, the searing scoop of "Ride The Lightning", Jimi's "fuzz", James Burton's Telecaster "chicken pickin'" sound is one of my faves to.

i guess i'll go with that last one, bright clean Telecaster with a little slap-back reverb, plucked with pick and fingers.

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Steve Vai's tone is perfect for his playing. On some other shredder's albums or concerts, you tend to miss things because their sound gets all muddy when they play faster, but with Vai's you never miss a thing.

Jeff Beck has always had a great tone, and half of the sound's standout-ness is probably due to the fact that he picks mostly with his fingers.

Eric Johnson's tone I really like, and I agree about Ritchie Blackmore, such an awesome sound.

Jimmy Page's had some great tones in the studio, although he was always switching amps and guitars, so it'd be hard to pinpoint one.

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my favourite guitar tones in order

Scott Gorham

Eric Bell

Brian May

Rory Gallagher

Randy Rhoads


David Gilmour

Brian Robertson

Toni Iomi

dude, how could i forget Gorham and Robertson, Bell, and Moore? wide variety there. i really like the stuff on "Jailbreak", especially "Warrior" and "Emerald".

If anyone says Slash, i'll shoot.



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Brian May

Pat Metheny

Brian Jones(Rock n' Roll circus)

Randy Rhoads

Syd Barrett(syd barrett's slide tone is cool, and tele with a lil reverb rocks out loud)

Eric Clapton with his sg tone during cream (and white album lp tone)

but my favorite guitar tone has gotta be....My Epiphone Music Rising Les Paul

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